Prosenko Alexander Evgenevich

First name: Alexander

Middle name: Evgenevich

Last name: Prosenko

Scientific degree: Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor

Post\ rank: Head of Chemistry Department 

Establishment /organization: Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University

Address:  Viluiskaya st28Novosibirsk, Russian Federation, 630126


Novosibirsk State University, 1971

Research Interests 

Phenolic antioxidants, organic synthesis, halogen-, sulfur-, nitrogen-, phosphorous-containing compounds, modification of natural products, antioxidant activity, physiologically active compounds




Scopus Author ID


Scopus Author ID- 6603436721


1. Yagunov S.E., Khol’chin S.V., Kandalintseva N.V., Prosenko A.E. Synthesis and antioxidant activity of 5-hydroxycoumarans, 6-hydroxychromanes and sulfur containing derivatives on their basis // Russ. Chem. Bull., 2013, V. 62, N 6, p. 1395. (IF – 0,423;

2. Prosenko A.E., Gross M.A., Kandalintseva N.V., Tolstikova T.G., Sorokina I.V. Agent for correcting cytotoxic effects of paraneoplastic processes and chemotherapy showing anticancer activity // Patent Number: RU2447888-C1, 2012 (

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City: Novosibirsk

Country: Russian Federation

Phone: +7 (383) 2441856