Author’s License Contract

To publish article in the Journal the author necessary to agree personally and directly with conditions of publication in the Journal / the Author's Agreement.

And to conclude with the publisher of the Journal the Author’s License Contract on the right of use of research product in the Journal.

Directing article in edition of the Journal, the author on a gratuitous basis transfers the publisher for the term of action of the copyright under the current legislation of the Russian Federation the exclusive right to use of article or its separate part (in case of acceptance the article to publication) to territories of all states where copyrights by virtue of the international contracts of the Russian Federation are protected, including the following rights: on reproduction, on distribution, on public display, on finishing up to general data, on translation into foreign languages and processing (and the exclusive right to use translated and (or) the advanced product by the above-stated ways), on granting of all set forth above rights to other persons.

The form of the Author’s License Contract and rule of its filling are applied.