Publication Ethics Statement

The Editorial Board of the Journal to adopt publication policies to ensure that all necessary consents and approvals have been obtained from authors to publish their work.

These publication policies might include the items presented in the sections below.

1. Action of the author’s Agreement

1.1. Action of the present Agreement arises from the moment of the directly author registration of Article in the Journal.

1.2. The territory on which the rights specified of the present Agreement operate, covers territory of all states where copyrights by the international contracts of the Russian Federation or on other bases are protected.

1.3. On the basis of the present Agreement of the Party sign the License Contract on the right of use of scientific product in the Journal.


2. The author (Co-authors) guarantees:

2.1. It is the valid legal owner of exclusive rights to the Article; the rights, given to the Publisher under the present Agreement, were not transferred them earlier and will not be transferred in the future to the third parties;

2.2. The Article is original product, it was not given on consideration and was not published earlier in others printed and (or) electronic editions, except for the publication of a pre-print (manuscript) of the Article of Authors (Co-authors) on own site, the Article is not "custom-made" or service product;

2.3. The Article contains all the references stipulated by the current legislation to quoted authors and sources of publication of the borrowed materials, the Author (Co-authors) receives all necessary sanctions to use in theArticle of materials, the legal owner which the Author (Co-authors) is not have;

2.4. The Article does not contain the materials which are not a subject publication in an open press, according to operating acts of the Russian Federation.


3. The author (Co-authors) undertakes:

3.1. To not publish the Article in others printed and (or) electronic editions and to not distribute it without the consent of the Publisher;

3.2. To use the electronic copy of the Articleprepared by the Publisher and transferred Author, exclusively according to conditions of the present Agreement.

3.3. In case of presentation to the Publisher the third parties of requirements (claims, claims), exclusive author's infringement exclusive author's and-or other rights to intellectual property at use of the Article by the Publisher the Author undertakes:

- Immediately after reception of the notice of the Publisher to arrange to settlement of disputes with the third parties, if necessary to enter litigation on the party of the Publisher and to undertake all actions depending on it with the purpose of exception of the Publisher from among respondents;

- To compensate to the Publisher the suffered court costs and the losses paid by the Publisher to the third party in connection with infringement of author's and other intellectual rights.

In the event of a significant violation of this Agreement, the editorial board of the journal will initiate a procedure for revoking (retracting) the article (reporting the failure of its results or the fact of its publication).