Kondakov Igor Vadimovich

First name: Igor

Middle name: Vadimovich

Last name: Kondakov


Scientific degree: Had of the Global History Department

Post /rank: Siberian of Federal University

Establishment /organization: Siberian of Federal University

Address: 660041, Svobodny st.,  79, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation


 Doctor of philosophy (1999), candidate of philological Sciences (1983), Professor (2004) of the Department of history and theory of culture

Research Interests

Theory of culture; cultural History (particularly the history of Russian culture and history of culture of Russia); History of Russian literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the History of Russian philosophical and social thought; Aesthetics; Theory of art (including music); the Methodology of cultural studies





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The author of over 600 publications on the theory and history of culture, philosophy of culture, theory and history of literature and literary criticism, aesthetics and art theory, music studies.



City: Moscow

Country: Russian Federation

E-mail: ikond@mail.ru, igkondakov@yandex.ru