Editorial Policies of Publication

Editorial Policies of Publication (Publication malpractice statement)

The Editorial Board of the Journal 

has implemented publication policies to ensure that ethical and responsible research is published.

The main contents our publication policies aimed at identifying misconduct such as

possible data fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, image manipulation, unethical research,

biased reporting, authorship abuse, redundant or duplicate publication, and undeclared conflicts of interest

(see more Publication Ethics).


Editorial Policies of Publication (responsibilities of authors; of reviewers; of editors)

The Editorial Board provides policy that specifies authorship and responsibilities of authors

 (see more Publication EthicsAuthor’s Agreement and Author’s License Contract).

The Editorial Board provides policy that specifies peer review process and

responsibilities of reviewers  (see more Peer-Review and Guide for Authors).  

The Editorial Board provides policy that specifies responsibilities of editors.


Editorial Policies of Publication (monitoring; instructions concerning)

The Editorial Board provides monitoring of publishing ethics.

The Editorial Board publishes instructions concerning the entire editorial work

(see more Guidelines for retracting articles, Instructions for the review process and so on).


The Editorial Board guarantees the compliance with the above rules.