Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University Bulletin, 2013, No.4, pp.138-150

Genre as a source text in producing secondary texts

Kolmogorova A. V. 1 (Novokuznetsk, Russian Federation), Gribacheva N. V. 2 (Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation)
1 Kuzbass State Pedagogical Academy
2 South Ural State Humanitarian Pedagogical University

The paper focuses on the possibility of widening the “text” notion by admitting genre as being specific kind of a text and on opportunities aroused by such approach for the text perception research. The research operates notions of “source text” and “product text”. Genre as a donor zone for secondary texts production denotes research object. Interactions and correlations between genre as a source text and secondary texts as parts of contemporary hypermedia culture are posited as research subject. Scientific novelty is presented due to the material on which the research is based, and to the clarification of essential genre nature and genre status, which is being analyzed as dynamic, sufficient entity able to initiate text creation. The analysis is based on common examples of comixes in contemporary hypermedia tradition. The processes of genre synthesis are analyzed which prove the similarity of genre and textual nature and the liability of approach suggested. Moreover, the role of stylistic strategies and mechanisms in the process of text perception is estimated. The relevance of the research is demonstrated due to modern tendencies in fast development of informational technologies, and in quick growth of functions of hypermedia textual reality, where questions of text nature and relationships between man and text have already become essential. To exist and function effectively in this reality, we need further elaboration, drafting and analysis of text perception strategies. Likewise, widening semantical structure of the “text” notion is crucial for further research.


text perception, text production, genre, text perception strategies, hypermediality, secondary (product) text.


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Date of the publication 20.08.2013