Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University Bulletin, 2012, No.1, pp.50-57
13 + 796

Tradition of the simplified taijiquan of house Chen family

Kan Guixiang 1 (Pekin, People's Republic of China)
1 the Peking institute of physical culture

The paper is devoted to some bases of taijiquan tradition which more detailed description is presented in the book of the professor wu shu Kan Guixiang (Kan Guixiang. «Entrance gate» simplified taijiquan of house Chen family / Tr.from the сhinese by. S. Bereznjuk, 1994. − Novosibirsk: Inter-regional taijiquan federation, 2009). Kan Guixiang studied taijiquan at master Tian Xiuchen − the pupil of the known chen shi, taijiquan master – Chen Fake, « from first "hands" direct transfer » in detail describes bases and features of technics of widely widespread taijiquan style of house Chen family. Distinctive feature of the book is the detailed explanation such a little known technical features for our taijiquan admirers as: «Empty−full», «absorption−lowering», «passage of a point of an excess and imposing», etc., without clear understanding it is difficult to count absorption on correct studying taijiquan as the given key technical moments are present at all taijiquan styles.


biomechanics, depth psychology, psychophysiology, taijiquan


1. Kan Guixiang. «Entrance Gate» simplified taijiquan of Chen families (ed.) S.Bereznjuk. Novosibirsk, 2009. In Russian.

Date of the publication 28.02.2012