Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University Bulletin, 2012, No.4, pp.74-79
391/395 + 372.016

When the housing becomes the house: semantic filling in the Chinese and Russian cultures

Tikhomirova E. E. 1 (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation), Zhao Jingnan .. 2 (Shandong, People's Republic of China)
1 Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
2 Shandong female University

Article is devoted to decoding of semantics of the house. On an example of Russian and Chinese culture authors do attempt to reveal universal and unique cultural senses which turn the dwelling into the house. Comparison so remote cultures as Russian and Chinese allows comprehending most adequately the anthropological bases of a cultural universal the house


Chinese culture, Russian culture, cultural universal, binary oppositions, cultural semantics, cultural anthropology


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Date of the publication 27.08.2012