Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University Bulletin, 2012, No.2, pp.68-72

Word-Logos: culturological potential

Zhukotskaya Z. R. 1 (Nizhnevartovsk, Russian Federation), Vasilkova E. V. 1 (Nizhnevartovsk, Russian Federation)
1 Nizhnevartovsk economic-legal institute (branch) the Tyumen state university

The spiritual component of people’s development directly depends on their cultural-linguistic judgement of the world as comprehension and acceptance by a person him/herself in the world through the culture prism occurs under the influence of the language forming spirit and the soul of both a separate person, and the whole people. In a word and through a word there passes human energy, subsequently transforming into reality. The Christian doctrine about the Word-Logos, «the life word», taken for the basis in V.F. Ern, S.N. Trubetskoy's researches, etc., continues to interest of modern researchers.


Word, Logos, Sophia, genetics, similarity


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Date of the publication 30.04.2012