Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University Bulletin, 2011, No.3, pp.21-41

Teaching of the rate "social science" in gymnasia classes: the competence approach

Kiba O. V. 1 (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation)
1 grammar school 14 «University»

The paper is devoted to analysis of maintenance of the core and the average (full) general education on social science from the position of the competence approach in an educational practice . The modern social science represents a complex of the knowledge reflecting the basic objects of studying: a society and its basic spheres, the person in a society, legal regulation of public attitudes, set of moral and humanistic values. From the point of view of the author the important element of the maintenance of a rate is formation of various competences reflecting social skills, skills, rules of law of lawful behaviour, experience cognitive and practical activities, an operational experience with the adapted sources of the social information, the decision of cognitive and practical problems, experience of design activity in educational process and a social practice


social science, gymnasia classes, the competence approach in an educational practice


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Date of the publication 28.09.2011